In Chalkidiki, in a place fertile, rich in vegetation and life, colours and scents, in a peacefull natural paradise, in a blessed place, our family has been professionally engaged in viticulture, wine and distillation for thirty years.

Utilizing the heritage of knowledge and experience of the monks of Mount Athos in Greece who first dealt with the art of distillation before the 15th century AD

At the gate of Chalkidiki, on the rich plain of the ancient river Anthemountas, where Peisistratos founded the first settlement and years later during the the campaign of Alexander the Great, men from Anthemoynta ' formed the special unit' Anthemoysian Ilin", lies the municipality of Poligiros, Galatista. In this place, rich in beauty and traditions we have our family distillery.

'Excellence is not an act but a habit. '(Aristotle)

Respecting the tradition and strictly following the quote of our great countryman Aristotle, our products are:

  • Distilled in traditional stills
  • Made with passion, care and knowledge guaranteed by our second-generation experience on distillation.
  • Of excellent quality with balanced flavour and aroma characteristics.

The distillery and bererage industry "Anthemous" is a continuation of the family tradition that finds our family for half a century to be active in viticulture, wine, and tsipouro.

In 2006 with the passing of traditional winemaking and distillation, we sought the creation and establishment of a competitive enterprise for production of tsipouro, ouzo, liqueurs and spirits, utilizing modern technology and know-how, in order to be able to meet the ever increasing demands of consumer legislation and for local, safe and quality products (ISO-HACCP).

Our investment is not treated simply as an activity that develops in rural areas, but as a business activity that belongs to the people of the place, marked by plant resources and landscapes of the area of local economic activities and local identity.

Apart from the production and bottling of our products, we give the opportunity to any businessman, active in beverage and wine, to produce and bottle on behalf of him(with his own label and recipe ), according to the procedures and the law requirements .

We also have an aesthetic space to enable traffic tourist offices, schools etc. for tasting events, promotion of our products and service retail to our visitors.

Our daily activities are:

  1. The constant improvement of the quality and hygiene of the products (ISO-HACCP)
  2. Environmental protection and promotion of cultural and local productive resources with simultaneous use of modern technology, creating high-quality and competitive local products, worthy of the tradition and experience of the residents of Chalkidiki.
  3. The establishment and operation of a higly aesthetic place to enable, visits, events, tastings, product promotion and a retail point to buy products as a visitor.

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